Praktica BX-20

With the PRAKTICA BX 20 you have bought a high-quality 35 mm SLR camera that combines ease of operation with a versatility ideal for any kind of creative work.  The shutter speeds are automatically controlled within the range from 1/1000 s to 40 s.(seconds)  In addition, the camera's microelectronics permit the use of fixed shutter speeds between 1/1000s and 1s as well as unlimited shutter speeds with the B setting.  TTL light metering with open aperture and, thus brightest viewfinder image is made possible by the electronic transfer of the aperture setting from the lens to the camera. The PRAKTICA BX 20 is also equipped with a system which, if a dedicated computerized flash unit is used on the camera, measures the light coming in from the flash unit, makes a split second evaluation, and closes the shutter as soon as the right amount of light has struck the film. It goes without saying that conventional electronic flash units can be plugged onto the camera as well.  Manual corrections of the automatically controlled shutter speeds are possible for the purpose of deliberate overexposures and underexposures. LEDs on both sides of the clear and bright viewfinder image indicate the shutter speed to be expected, limits, mode of operation (automatic or semi-automatic), memory function, exposure compensation and flash readiness including the O.K. signal for dedicated computerized flash units.  The bottom of the finder image provides information on the preselected aperture and whether the shutter is cocked or not.  The PRAKTICA BX 20 accepts an auto winder and the wide range of PRAKTICA  FEATURES · SRL camera for a frame size of 24mm x 36mm open-aperture TTL metering system with electronic aperture setting transfer  · automatic electronic shutter speed control (stepless) in the range from 1/1000 s to 40 s  · change-over from automatic to semi-automatic mode possible; fixed speed range from 1/1000 s to 1 s  · electronic TTL metering system for flashes and correct dosage of light for dedicated computerized flash unit, X     synchronization (approx. 1/100s)  · flash readiness indication (and "flash O.K." signal) in viewfinder image · LED information on expected shutter speed in viewfinder  · indication of overexposure or underexposure  · aperture setting displayed at bottom of viewfinder image  · shutter cocked " information  · manual exposure compensation of + 2 exposure factors, indication of compensation by red LED at,, + a  · locking of metered value and indication there of by green LED at "AEL" - (automatic exposure lock)  · self-timer (approx. 10 s) with starting button serves also as stop-down lever for depth-of-field checking  · focusing system comprises Fresnel lens with innovative diagonal triple wedge, microprism ring and ground glass ring  · viewfinder image shows approx. 95 per cent of picture sides  · PRAKTICA bayonet (flange focal length 44.4mm internal diameter 48.5 mm)  · connection for motor winder  · film information holder on camera back  · indication of battery condition in viewfinder  · power source: 6V primary battery (e. g. PX281Mallory)   (Webmaster: a note stuck inside the manual states 4-LR44, 4-SR44 [Silver Oxide batteries - longer lasting] or PX28 battery [basically two SR-44 batteries in one cell] also a note about a new battery holder). All of these are common batteries available in large department stores or camera stores.  · silicon photo element as light sensor  · metering and control range: 0-17 EV at 100ASA and aperture 1.4  · dimensions of body:141mm x 88mm x 49mm  · weight of body without battery: 510 g BX20
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